At Mrs.GreenCleans, we switched from Dyson vacuums to the Shark DuoClean and we can’t say enough good things about it. The Shark DuoClean is the best vacuum by far to use in a beachy environment like Cape Cod. We use this vacuum all day, every day, and it holds up on the toughest deep cleaning jobs. The DuoClean is also lighter, faster, and easier to maneuver. We love it.

Vacuum Features We Love

Dog Hair

We have plenty of jobs where dog hair is embedded in short nap carpeting and stair carpeting. The Dyson vacs failed to pick up all the dog hair, but the Shark DuoClean double brush bars disappear the embedded dog hair completely.

Soft Brushroll

The Shark soft brushroll is perfect for gently picking up dust, sand, and salt from hardwood floors. As an added bonus, the soft brushroll also leaves behind a polished hardwood floor.


The Shark DuoClean is completely adaptable, making formerly hard to get areas quickly accessible. The Shark powerhead can attach directly to the control handle for close-up cleaning, making a handy powered furniture and stair cleaner. The vac also ships with an awesome extension for cleaning under furniture and appliances.


The Shark powerhead has a bank of LED lights that literally illuminates dirt and pet hair. We have walked into homes that look clean and turned on the vac lights to expose considerable dirt and pet hair tumbleweeds.

Easy Service

The DuoClean is an incredibly easy vacuum to service. Both brushrolls pop out for easy cleaning, hoses quickly snap apart, and the filters are one click away.